Journal Two

Everyone needs the net.

Internet today got itself involve with us so much that one cant live without it.

We access to internet on anywhere and everywhere.

You can see FREE WIFI available at most cafes.STARBUCKS and COFFEEBEANS provide a good environment for people to chill-out and use the internet.

Also, you can see free computers set up in the airport for tourist and local to use.

Well, this simply says we cant live without internet.

To share a short brief path of internet…..(Mr Choy, I’m sure this nothing new to you but I would like to share with the others.)


1969: Arapanet
On the October 29, 1969, computers at Stanford and UCLA connected for the first time. In effect, they were the first hosts on what would one day become the Internet.

The operating system whose design heavily influenced that of Linux and FreeBSD (the operating systems most popular in today’s web servers/web hosting services).

1970: Arpanet network
The company that created the “interface message processor” computers used to connect to the network in 1970.

1971: EMAIL

1971: Project Gutenberg and eBooks


1973: The first trans-Atlantic connection and the popularity of emailing

1974: The beginning of TCP/IP

1975: The email client

1977: The PC modem

1978: The Bulletin Board System (BBS)

1978: Spam is born

1979: MUD – The earliest form of multiplayer games

1979: Usenet

1980: ENQUIRE software

1983: Arpanet computers switch over to TCP/IP

1984: Domain Name System (DNS)

1985: Virtual communities

1986: Protocol wars

1987: The Internet grows

1988: IRC – Internet Relay Chat

1988: First major malicious internet-based attack

1989: AOL is launched

1989: The proposal for the World Wide Web

1990: First commercial dial-up ISP

1990: World Wide Web protocols finished

1991: First web page created

1991: First content-based search protocol

1991: MP3 becomes a standard

1991: The first webcam

1993: Mosaic – first graphical web browser for the general public

1993: Governments join in on the fun

1994: Netscape Navigator

1995: Commercialization of the internet

1995: Geocities, the Vatican goes online, and JavaScript

1996: First web-based (webmail) service

1997: The term “weblog” is coined

1998: First new story to be broken online instead of traditional media

1998: Google!

1998: Internet-based file-sharing gets its roots

1999: SETI@home project

2000: The bubble bursts

2001: Wikipedia is launched

2003: VoIP goes mainstream

2003: MySpace becomes the most popular social network

2003: CAN-SPAM Act puts a lid on unsolicited emails

2004: Web 2.0

2004: Social Media and Digg

2004: “The” Facebook open to college students

2005: YouTube – streaming video for the masses

2006: Twitter gets twittering

2007: Major move to place TV shows online

2007: The iPhone and the Mobile Web

2008: “Internet Election”

2009: ICANN policy changes

The Future? – I DONT KNOW.

Internet today is defiantly different from the PAST and it will be better TOMORROW.



Journal One

Journal One. 

Here’s my wrap up for the first week of Com125 lesson.

Learned interesting facts about THE INTERNET. (Seems like a history lesson about internet)

Internet is indeed OUR LIFE today. From young to the old.

We use internet to ease our daily life. From waiting for bus, contact our family and friends to deciding where to settle our meals.

People today are expecting more about internet. We want speed and efficient. We want to get a reply or respond in a snap.

Its pretty interesting that internet has its own language as well.

Aft week one’s lesson I learned how to differential web 1.0,2.0 and 3.0. COOL.

I get to know more about Tim Berners-Lee.


Google is not stranger to anyone and I am sure Google is everyone’s best friend.

Anyway, I googled about GOOGLE.

Here are some interesting  finding about what I’ve found.

Check out the video below to see how ‘RICH’ is google and I am sure everyone wants to be part of the google family.

Some fun facts about Google:

1.Started 1996.
2.Google First  Doodle

3.Google love dogs, therefore they allow empoloyees to bring their dogs to work.

4.Google’s headquaters is known as Googleplex and its employees are referred to as “Googlers”.

5. Acuqisitions of YouTube

6.Google first storage is mad from LEGO.

7.Google’s first twit message

“I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010.”

8.Impact on language.

9.They have theit company snack-swedish fish

10. Google about Google now!

Lastly, I must say “GOOGLE IS MAD RICH”.

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