Journal Three

Journal Three

This week’s lesson I get to know more about Google Plus and Reader and I guess I’m 70% convinced to create an account as well.

Soon, real soon I believe by the end of the 12 weeks lesson I will probably be a member.

Since social networking is evolving and changing rapidly in our daily life, maybe facebook and google+ will die off one day and something new will be in trend.

I must agree with you that the Facebook founder is AWESOME. Is every user were to give him $1SGD he will be not just rich but EXTREMELY RICH.

And YES, social networking sites helps people to get fame, be their own boss and gaining businesses. See all the blogshops, they are the best examples, low cost with no rental.Social Networking platform is definitely a  good channel for sole proprietor to start off their business small, and expend their business as it goes.

It also help and engage people in learning and finding out more knowledgeable information base on their self learning interest. With this elearning process could be good, as it will attract more active learners.

With today’s technology  and social media platform, it is possible for people to find their partner through online platform. Blind dating have become a modern in a similar way as the past but now people get to see their partner’s profile and pictures before meeting face to face. However, with this there will be pros and cons to online social media platform as well, people could fake their personal information.

Youtube as well, people gets famous on youtube. They are then called to be the Youtuber.

As below I’m going to share some videos and Youtuber who gets well-known to others.

Video 1:



Lastly, I came across this website that share interesting facts about soical networking.


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