Journal Four

Journal Four

Doing business on internet, I try that before. However due to the rise in the market and my online business are not as popular as the others.

With my personal experience and this week’s lesson, I deeply understand that e-business is not easy to have a stand in today’s market. Reputation is really an important key for any online e-business.

People are choosing to do e-business as they could save their rental cost.

The Generic Marketing Model is defiantly helpful  and easy for one who want to start an e-business to understand.

In this week’s lesson, the case example of Dell is what I’ve been through as well.

I bought my first laptop on Dell website however, I felt that buying one from a retail store will be better as you could clarify and get a immediate respond from the sale person.

To share some interesting online e-business:

q0010’s seller not only comes locally but also from overseas seller like korea and china as well.  This helps business to expand their business and with the feedback customers’ review  it helps to draw more businesses.


Ebusiness doesnt not only mean selling of items.

I could also be providing a service like massage, manicure or even doing our household chore.

With the difference platform, people could make a living with different ways and method.


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