Journal Six

This week, I am going to write about Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is like PAY PER CLICK. (you only pay when people click on your ads)

Google Adwords gather people of similar interest together with the use of keyword search.Goodle Adwords not only aid in attracting people in business wise and it could also gather people with same interest group.

Here are some of my findings:

Works Well

  • Only users searching for exactly what you’re offering see your ad
  • Users see your ad as they’re gathering information to make purchase decisions
  • Your ad appears prominently next to Google search results
  • No competing images or animations on the page
  • More new users as Google’s audience continues to grow rapidly

Easy to Use

  • Instant activation with a credit card
  • Automated reporting available 24 hours a day
  • Text only, so easy to create or change ads
  • You have total control of your ad’s content and targeted keywords

Highly Cost Effective

  • Only pay when ads are shown- (therefore, its totally worth it)
  • No minimum purchase required
  • Unlimited free changes to your ad(s)


Do you know that there is a different between Google Adwords and Google Ad words express?

Google AdWords Express differs from traditional Google AdWords in the sense that it’s specifically tailored to local business that don’t have a lot of time to invest in PPC but see the value of advertising on Google. For instance, in traditional AdWords, users need to find their own keywords, set bids, and manage those bids. Within AdWords Express, Google does all of those things for you automatically…and more.

Since the launch of AdWords Express, public interest has steadily risen month over month, as shown in the graph below from Google Insights.
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Using Movie Maker and Experience.

you can hear my voice and see some familiar faces of  your students.


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