Journal Eight

Its all about marketing communication this week.

From the further research I’ve done regrading Samsung and Sony and their marketing plan, I feel that both their marketing communication are standing equally strong even though Samsung seems to be heading in the race.

I understand that marketing communication is about who are their customers target and  how can they attract them to buy their products. In the planning of marketing communication factors like Advertising, Cost, Time and target range of audience need to be taken into consideration.

Also, marketing communication can be presented different ways such as in written, spoken physical and multimedia.

Samsung and Sony indeed had their branding reaching to the audience. They promo their products in many various and attention capture ways. They also consider the fact of reaching a larger pool of audiences.

Additionally, with today’s advance technology social networks such as facebook and twitter become part of their marketing plan. People could ‘like’ or ‘#’ to link to their newly launched and even to products that have yet to be released.

Even the traditional marketing communication has strategy, the three main objectives to have a successful marketing communication are information, persuasion and reminder.

Information- Does the message content interest the audience? Did it provide all necessary details?

Persuasion- Did it convinced the audience/readers to want to find out more about the products?

Reminder- Have your message helps the audience to link to your produce whenever they see it? or they will be reminded of positive aspect about the brand.

In conclusion, mouth of words is the best marketing communication strategy.

Here to share:

(From samsung)


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