Journal Nine

The power of internet with Singapore and its politic.

Well, Internet will definitely the best social media platform for political party to get their voters.

As below, you could see how Singapore politician on popular social media platform, so that they could reach their young voters.

At the same time, they did not negligent those audience that are less IT-savy. They stick to the tradition method with is to publicize on the newspaper.

Capture Capture1

Here are some politician’s official ‘Fan’ page for the public to know more about them.
Capture3 Capture4

Hashtags are being used. #PAP #workerparty etc…

By doing so, they bring themselves closer to the public.

As for the second part of this journal, I would like to share about today’s young adults and youth’s  view about Singapore and its political issue.

Being in their shoes, I feel that youngest these days (including myself) as long as Singapore is stable, safe and economy is doing well we will not be bother by it and we trust that the ‘leaders’ are doing a good job only if they are able to keep Singapore they way it is.


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